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  • Fabric Grow Pots – Multiple Sizes

    Quick Overview

    These fabric grow pots are made from high quality non-woven material and suitable for every soil type. They are convenient to use, easy to plant and move around. Then can be cleaned after each grow cycle used repeatedly.


    • Constructed from high quality durable non-woven fabric
    • Provide great support, while allowing air to travel into the root system
    • Improve drainage and keep the root system from overheating
    • Breathable material allows for improved root zone aeration
    • Help plants become established more quickly after transplanting
    • Handles are included on all sizes for easy transport and mobility

  • Square Pot with Saucer (3 Gallon)

    Quick Overview

    Dimensions: 23cm x 23cm x 28cm (9” x 9” x 11”)

    Volume: 11 Litres/3 Gallons

    • Durable, non-toxic and odourless material
    • Drainage holes
    • Compact square shape design
    • Saucer plate included with every pot

  • Hanging Rope Ratchet

    Quick Overview

    Hanging rope ratchet to hang lights/fans/filters in the grow area. It is made with a  composite material that is heat and cold resistant. 8 ft. of adjustable polypropylene rope included.


    • Pair of 1/8″ heavy duty adjustable rope clip hangers
    • Weight capacity: 150 pounds per pair
    • 4 easy-to-use carabiner clips
    • Rope material: Braided polypropylene
    • Hook material: Zinc plated steel
    • Fully adjustable and locking, tear & rust resistant

  • 24 Hour Mechanical Timer

    Quick Overview
    • 24 hour programmable mechanical timer
    • Waterproof plug
    • Min Setting Time: 15 min.
    • Max Setting Time: 24 hours

  • Digital Thermo Hygrometer

    Quick Overview

    The digital thermo hygrometer monitors the environmental conditions of the grow area, a must for any serious grower looking for maximum yields.


    • Measures indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity.
    • Stores the min/max values of the temperature and humidity.
    • Switches between °C and °F.
    • Clock function and 12/24 hour mode switch.
    • Water proof temperature probe.
    • Uses 1 AAA battery ( included).

  • Dual Outlet 24 Hour Grounded Timer

    Quick Overview

    24 hour mechanical timer which allows for simultaneous control of two outlets


    • 24 Hour Cycle
    • 15 Minute on/off settings
    • Controls 2 outlets simultaneously
    • Waterproof plug
    • 15 Amps

  • ProFlex Aluminum Ventilation Ducting

    Quick Overview

    ProFlex flexible aluminum ducting is ideal for greenhouse, grow room and grow tent fan and carbon filter exhausting. The ducting stores and dissipates heat at a steady rate, which reduces room temperature fluctuations. Interlocking steel strips form an air tight and leak proof system.

    All ProFlex ducting is 25 feet long and available in 4”, 6”and 8” diameters. Two duct clamps are included with all ducting.


    • Made from high quality 3 ply ultra thick aluminum laminate for unparalleled durability
    • Strong and flexible
    • Fire-resistant coating.
    • Contains corrosion resistant wire helix
    • Includes metal clamps (set of 2)
    • Operating temperature range of this ducting is 0 to 100°C



  • Highly reflective Mylar Film (48in x 50ft)

    Quick Overview
    • Highly reflective film that will reflect ~ 92% emitted light.
    • Durable, puncture and tear resistant.
    • Helps retain heat to keep grow area at correct temperature/humidity.
    • Makes the most efficient use of your lighting by reflecting light onto your plants
    • Provides supplemental light to plants without the use of any extra electricity.
    • 1 millimeter thickness
    • Heat Resistance Temperature: 190℃ / 374℉.

  • Variable Fan Speed Controller

    Quick Overview
    • 3 Settings: Off, Full, and Variable speed
    • Recommended use for high velocity inline fans
    • Speed dial allows for easy adjustment of fan speed
    • Lightweight, practical and easy to use
    • Fan runs quieter and saves on electricity when adjusted to low/medium speed
    • Comes with 6ft Grounded Power Cord
    • Recommended use for high velocity inline fans and mini blowers
    • CE listed
    • 1-Year Warranty

  • Black & White Panda Film (10ft x 25ft)

    Quick Overview
    • White surface reflects 90% of light emitted back to plant canopy
    • Black surface prevents any light from penetrating in or out
    • Heavy-duty waterproof film prevents algae and mold growth on walls.
    • 5 millimeter thickness
    • Easy to work with; useful for many different applications

  • Hanging 6 Layer Plant Drying Rack

    Quick Overview

    A must have accessory for drying and organizing the final harvest. This hanging drying rack can easily hold several pounds of plant material for easy drying. The rack is 60cm (24”) in diameter


    • Durable non-toxic Nylon for years of trouble-free use
    • High-quality Steel Rings to provide sturdy support
    • 6 individual drying chambers with 1/8″ hole openings
    • Can be detached to 3 independent sections and each section has 2 layers
    • Comes with carry bag



  • Inline Air Duct Noise Silencer (4 inch)

    Quick Overview


    • Two flanged ends that connect easily to ducting
    • Polyurethane acoustic foam decreases fan noise by up to 50%
    • Easy to install and maintenance free
    • High-quality corrosion resistant galvanized steel sheet construction
    • Moisture resistant – great for use in damp environment


    • Outer Material: Durable galvanized steel sheet
    • Sound Absorbing Foam: Wave crest polyurethane sponge
    • Fusion Point of Foam: 250 degrees centigrade
    • Size: 4” diameter and 12” long