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  • General Hydroponics pH Test Kit

    Quick Overview

    The pH test kit is a liquid tester that covers a pH range of 4.0 To 8.5. Includes sampling tube, reagent, and color comparison card. Makes testing easy and reliable. Contains pH test fluid and test strips.


  • General Hydroponics Flora Series Nutrient Kit

    Quick Overview

    General Hydroponics Flora Series Performance Pack Nutrient Grow Kit

    • Designed to excel in coco, hydroponics and soil and rock wool
    • The Performance Pack contains an assortment of Flora nutrients and a pH Test Indicator
    • Flora series is the foundation of the “Building-Block” System Provides Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium and trace elements

    The Flora Series Performance Pack includes:

    • 16 oz. Flora Micro
    • 16 oz. FloraGro
    • 16 oz. Flora Bloom
    • 8 oz. Flora Blend
    • 8 oz. Liquid KoolBloom
    • 4 oz. FloraKleen
    • 1 oz. Rapid Start
    • 1 oz. Floralicious Plus
    • 1 oz. pH Test Indicator.

    Additional detailed info and feed charts for these products can be found on the general hydroponics website



  • Grotek Mega Pack™ Nutrient Kit

    Quick Overview

    The Grotek Mega Pack is the all-in-one kit you’ve been waiting for. Find all of the best and high powered products combined into one simple to use kit.The Grotek Mega Pack is a complete pack of fertilizers and boosters for start to finish of your indoor garden. All nutrients and stimulators included in Mega Pack can be used for indoor and outdoor growing. The Grotek Mega Pack is the perfect choice for those growers who look for a complete range of high quality products and maximum yields.

    Included is an easy to use feed chart that will simplify your growing needs.

    The Mega Pack features:

    • 1x SolotekTM Grow 1 L
    • 1x Monster GrowTM Pro 20 g
    • 1x VitamaxTM Pro 1 L
    • 1x Bud FuelTM Pro 1 L
    • 2x Blossom BlasterTM Pro 125 ml
    • 1x Monster BloomTM 130 g
    • 1x Heavy BudTM Pro 1 L
    • 1x SolotekTM Bloom 1 L